Smallville Isn't So Small Anymore

Apparently, kryptonite has had some serious effects on two of the young stars of the WB's Smallville. No one really watches this show but maybe they will now that kryptonite seems to have taken effect. At least Lana and Chloe seem to be pleased with the outcome. Clark probably will be too.

Editor's note: Yes, this picture has been cleared for publication. All the "off limits" body parts have been effectively other body parts big enough to cover just about anything.

by Steve Hall    Nov-30-03    

Six Degrees of Pop Culture Separation

Here's the insanity of 2003's pop culture madness all on one page inter-related in a way that makes you wonder how we got through the year without having a gay, national orgy, filmed in military green, in Las Vegas while while Michael Jackson got eaten by a tiger while trying to have sex with a kid as Demi and Ashton sat in the audience hoping Kobe Bryant wouldn't join in and have anal sex with Rush Limbaugh while the whole thing was telecast on FOX...and written about on a weblog.

It all could happen especially when our own President Bush is just four hops each from either end of the sexual pendulum. Via Gawker.

by Steve Hall    Nov-30-03    

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