Har Mar Superstar Shakes Booty in Vladivar Ad Campaign

Har Mar Superstar

Minnesota doofus and entertainer Sean Tillman, aka Har Mar Superstar, is featured in a new set of ads for Scottish Vladivar vodka. In an obvious, but humorous viral ploy, there are three versions of the ad. There's "The One on TV," "The One Not Allowed on TV" and "The One Definitely Not Allowed Anywhere Near a TV." OK, so that pretty obviously says, "Watch me! Watch me! I dare you!"

With his typically cocky, self-proclaimed "the fucking best" attitude, Har Mar introduces himself as the new "Vladivar vodka frontman" and leads us through his cheesily opulent lifestyle made possible from the obscene sums of money he leads us to believe Vladivar paid him to appear in these ads.

With a tagline, "Fancy a threesome? Send me to a friend...," the website encourages visitors to pass the ads along to others. They're funny enough that you just might do it.

by Steve Hall    Nov-29-03   Click to Comment   

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