Hershey Brand the Savior of Iraq

The Savior of Iraq?

Blogger Jeff Jarvis just returned from a trip to Hershey (the chocolate). During his trip, the Hershey brand reminded him of the symbolism it took on after World Ward II as soldiers, in post-war Europe, handed out chocolate bars to kids in need. It symbolized the generosity of the Marshall plan and of America in general during times of war. To Jeff, that generosity has all but disappeared in these post war days of Iraq.

He sums it up saying, "You see, that's what Hershey really symbolized. It wasn't a condescending hand-out. It was a gift joyfully given, a moment of friendship, a human connection. We need more of that between the Iraqi and the American people."

Whatever you political convictions, perhaps it's time to do the right thing. Innocent Iraqi citizens are caught up in this mess. They didn't ask for it but most are grateful Saddam is gone. Jeff urges us to get to know these people. You can do so by reading the weblogs of several Iraqis named Zeyad, Omar, Ays, Alaa and Nabil.

by Steve Hall    Nov-29-03   Click to Comment   

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