Paris Hilton and Her Sex Tape Shoot to Top of Search Queries

If Yahoo's Buzz index is any indication, it appears there's not a sole with access to a computer who has not seen the Paris Hilton Sex tape. In one short week, she's risen from obscurity to the number one spot on Yahoo's Leaderboard, a measurement of popular web searches, dislodging perennial winner Britney Spears. Obviously, everyone wants to watch her cavort with well hung stud Rick Solomon.

The whole thing is either an unfortunate (for her) coincidence or a brilliant marketing move to promote her new reality series with Nicole Ritchie, 'The Simple Life,' in which the two celebutantes have to endure a month on a farm in Arkansas. At this point, the series is almost guaranteed initially high ratings when it debuts on FOX December 2.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Nov-17-03  
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