Telemarketing Ban to Cause Upswing in Door to Door Sales

Like a drug addict looking for his next fix, marketers will hunt you down and find you where ever you are and they have re-discovered an old method of marketing: your doorbell. While telemarketers have been banned from calling you, don't expect them to leave you alone. Your doorbell is likely to ring a lot more often now as some marketers experiment with the old door to door sales approach.

Door to door sales used to very popular and prominent in the 50's and 60's but died out altogether except for the occasional religious freak. Though with the jaded, "seen it all" mentality of the current American culture, there will certainly be a lot of doors slammed and "Solicitors Not Welcome" signs hung if this tactic becomes prevalent.

Unless a "Do Not Door to Door" law is passed, like a teenage boy in heat, marketers will hump the streets until they reach the nirvana of the marketing orgasm - a sale. So get out your anti-marketing contraceptives. The imminent explosion is nearing.

by Steve Hall    Nov-13-03   Click to Comment   

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