Paris Hilton's 'The Simple Life' May Get Sequel

From sex tape star to TV star, Paris Hilton is on a role. FOX execs are so pleased with the popularity of "The Simple Life" they are considering a sequel. Viewership of the second episode reached 13.3 million, 200,000 more than the premiere. For those that love the show, just five episodes remain. Waiting for the sequel will be like waiting for The Sopranos to return to HBO.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-03    

Lieberman Tells Fast Food Marketers to Stop Making Kids Fat

Senator Joe Leiberman, crusader against all things fun (OK, bad), is taking on the fast food companies now and telling them to stop making kids fat by marketing junk food to them. Spouting platitudes from the pulpit, Liberman said, "Parents today are being forced to contend with a new threat; big food companies targeting junk food at children. And that's literally feeding an epidemic of obesity that our top public health experts contend is the biggest health threat out there today. It's time to stand up to the companies marketing to children products that can be harmful to their health."

No mention was made by Lieberman about parents actually taking responsibility for their children's eating habits or moderating the time they sit on their fat assess playing video games, IMing friends and watching TV.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-03    

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