Adrants Says Pop Ups Are Dead

Mark Glaser, writing in the Online Journalism Review, explores the much maligned pop up ad and it's pending death due to the adding of a pop up blocker in the next version of Internet Explorer. Adrants couldn't agree more and was thusly quoted generously in the article.

"I think there will be a dramatic decline in the use of pop-ups and hence, the revenue they generate,' Adrants' Steve Hall said via e-mail. 'Already, there is backlash in the advertising community against the format in that the use of pop-ups is perceived to give the advertiser a bad name by association with all the other sleazy companies that still use pop-ups. With the growth of rich media ad formats (expanding banner, page takeovers, etc.) and other more effective forms of online advertising, I am quite sure the pop-up is on its last legs."

So take that you lame-assed, sleazy piece of shit ad format!

by Steve Hall    Dec-11-03   Click to Comment   

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