BizNetTravel is the Place to Go When You Want to Go Somewhere

If you like to travel or to just read about travel, you might want to check out the BizNetTravel Blog. It's a weblog that covers travel related news and offers valuable tips for travelers such as the best way to get through airport security, the best methods of travel to a given location and reviews of the great places to see if you do travel. If this sounds like an ad, you are right. Although no money changed hands here, I write for that weblog too so pardon, for a moment, my self promotional interest here. Advertising aside, it really is a great site to get travel tips on a daily basis. And yes, there is a travel agency attached to this weblog and yes, I do want you all to book your travel through this agency.

End of self-flatulation.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-03   Click to Comment   

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