Gawker: Men Will Be The New Women

Men are getting a lot of attention these days. First with the whole metrosexual thing and now with shopping. Gawker covers the New York Times article about the next new magazine niche: men's shopping mags. Following the success of female focused shopping magazine "Lucky," men will now have "Cargo" and "Vitals," the former published by condo Naste, the latter published by Fairchild.

"Vitals" grew out of a "Details" insert and will become a standalone publication in September 2004. "Cargo," which launches in April 2004, has begun an ad campaign that consist, in part, of outdoor boards and posters that get to the heart of the shopping man: Men just want their shit without all the other crap that goes into shopping.

by Steve Hall    Dec-11-03   Click to Comment   

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