Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritche Finally Get Simple

Tonight is the night you all didn't know you were waiting for. Before a certain tape, no one had ever heard of or had plans to watch the premiere of "The Simple Life" airing tonight on FOX at 8:30PM. All that has changed in the last few weeks thanks to Paris Hilton's romp with Rick Solomon. Tonight, we can all watch some of the most unimportant programming ever to hit television's airwaves. This could be as big as the M*A*S*H finale! OK, so it won't be that big but you can bet FOX execs will be intravenously connected to the Nielsen overnights ipraying for Paris and Nicky to give them a ratings winner. And we can all say, "Gee, she does look a lot better when she's milking a cow instead of giving a blowjob."
Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     Dec- 2-03  
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Paris is the girl of this century

Posted by: lou rabin on December 10, 2005 02:00 AM

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