Pentax Pisses Off Righteous Right

A Swedish ad for Pentax (help me out here, Ask) with the headline, "A Perfect Body With All The Right Accessories," has professional female photographers in such an uproar, they have put up a protest page. So a bunch of women are outraged at that they are supposed to have perfect bodies and that perhaps only men are worthy of becoming photographers saying, "We're furious. Does Pentax mean that only men can/or want to use a camera? Us women are supposed to have a 'perfect body' and 'all the right accessories' and shall apparently only be in front of the camera rather than behind it. This is how we interpret the ad in the latest issue of FOTO, an ad where g-strings and a woman's ass is supposed to sell a camera."

Maybe, just maybe, the ad's purpose was to draw more men into the world of photography. And what better way to do so than to appeal to man's primary desire: a hot chic in a thong.

by Steve Hall    Dec-31-03   Click to Comment   

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