Reality Tables Turn With Country Folk Turned Rich

Writing in the New York Times, David Carr puts forth his idea for the next greatest take on reality television. Called "Trading Places: The Simple Life Meets Rich Girls," Carr's premise has the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie handing over their plush domiciles to rural country folk, say Betty and Miriam, while Hitlon and Richie hit the farm again in a split screen circus.

Carr elaborates, "In split scene after split scene, ironies would unfold. See Paris and Nicole fall into the hog pen while Betty and Miriam fall into the lap of unaccountable luxury. Paris and Nicole find themselves with an arm buried deep inside a cow's backside during chores, while Betty and Miriam's hands would disappear into party bags full of loot as they leave a fancy Midtown soiree."


by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-03   Click to Comment   

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