Dear Nokia: Read Weblogs, You'll Be Surprised What You Find

Companies: Take Note of Weblogs

Here's a clear example why corporations should take notice of weblogs. Kristin writes a weblog called Madpony and it, like most weblogs, she writes about what's on her mind at various points in time. Yesterday she wrote a "Dear Nokia" letter explaining why her Nokia 3585i phone "sucks." Apparently, it went into loud, uncontrollable, sonic convulsions in the middle of her "very solemn Genocide and U.S. Intervention" class causing Kristin to rip the battery off and throw it into her backpack.

Why should Nokia care about this? Because Madpony is read by anywhere between 1,500 and 3,000 people everyday. And those people are prime, 18-25 year old cell phone consumers which Nokia would love to have as customers. This post on Madpony will also be linked to from other weblogs extending that not so nice commentary about Nokia to even more people. And that's not all. There's a comments section under her post where, at this point in time, 17 people (and there will be many more by day's end) have chimed in including this zinger, "motorola = better". Ouch, Nokia.

So, what should Nokia do? Read weblogs. Read Madpony. Search weblogs for any and all posts about Nokia and respond to them appropriately. Offer Kristen a free, new phone. If she likes it, maybe she'll blog about it in a way that would be positive for you. Start your own weblog. Link to Kristin's post and blog about how you gave her a new phone because well, "sometimes our phones do suck." Join the conversation.

by Steve Hall    Jan-30-04    

Aerosmith Super Bowl Concert to be Preceded With Parachute Jump

Word has it that the roof of the Reliant Stadium in Houston will open prior to Aerosmith's Pre-Show segment and a parachuter will drop through down to the stage. It's supposed to be Steven Tyler but it will most likely be a stunt person. It's being done as part of a tribute to the Columbia Shuttle disaster a year ago.

by Steve Hall    Jan-30-04    

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