American Legacy Foundation Launches Reality Advertising Campaign

Hoping to ride the unfortunate popularity of reality television, the American Legacy Foundation is launching an ad campaign the will resemble a reality TV series. Launched yesterday, the campaign will follow "Bob" a New Yorker who is trying to quit smoking. Cameras will follow Bob at work and at home and record how he deals with his addiction and how he tries to quit. The campaign will appear on television and radio, in print and on billboards until February 22 but continue online. The web site will have a different film each day charting Bob's course towards quitting and Bob will maintain a weblog of his personal experiences as he takes the challenge.

Unfortunately, when, and if, my client ever approves a proposal that consists of EXACTLY THE SAME IDEA, I'll now be called a copycat. Let it be known, we hatched the idea months ago. Our client is just slow and conservative.

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-04   Click to Comment   

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