Brawny Towel Man Gets Makeover

Not A Porn Guy

With Georgia-Pacific execs calling the 29 year old Brawny man logo "the 70's porn guy," the out fashion mustached, flannel shirt wearing Brawny man was long overdue for a makeover. Over the past two months and after months of focus groups, GP has introduced new packaging with a new, ethnically ambiguous, cleanshaven Brawny man. While the new Brawny man is much less back woodsman, he, thankfully, has not crossed over into metrosexual-land.

Strangely, visiting the new Brawny website with images of the new Brawny man accompanied by a roll of towels with the words, "massively improved" next to it, one might, for a minute, think he'd mistakenly clicked onto a "massively endowed" male porn site. OK, so most people's minds are not that dirty but "massive"? Is that the best word GP's agency could come up with to describe the dramatic change? Or maybe GP didn't want to completely drop Brawny's "70's porn guy" image.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 1-04   Click to Comment   

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