Idiot Sues Cable Company For Making His Wife Fat

Just when you think nothing could be more ridiculous that a person suing a fast food company for forcing them to eat their food and, thusly, making them fat, we now have a man who is suing his cable company for making his wife fat and his kids lazy. Timothy Dumouchel of West Bend, WI claims Charter Communications made his wife gain 50 pounds and his kids become lazy because Charter didn't turn his cable TV feed off after he cancelled his service allowing the family continued access to programming.

"I believe that the reason I smoke and drink every day and my wife is overweight is because we watched TV every day for the last four years," Dumouchel said in a written complaint against Charter.

Perhaps he hasn't heard today's televisions have advanced to the stage where they now have off buttons.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jan- 7-04  
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