My Big Fat Funny Fox Reality Show

The new FOX reality series, My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance, is actually quite funny. Hottie Arizona school teacher Randi Coy has to convince her family that she is engaged to "Steve" who, in reality, is just an actor posing as her potential husband. If Coy can convince her family that "Steve" is the man of her dreams, she will walk home with $500,000.

Of course, "Steve" is a loser buffoon and the last guy Coy would ever want to bring home to her parents. The show is watchable. "Steve" does a great job playing the fool and Coy is extremely pleasing on the eyes. Will anyone other than me watch it? Well, Nielsen will tell us but I'll say give it a chance. It is funny.

by Steve Hall    Jan-19-04   Click to Comment   

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