Pepsi Targets Teens With Music Download Ad Campaign

In a sort of FU to the Recording Industry Association of America, Pepsi has recruited RIAA-targeted file-sharers for an upcoming campaign. The 2o or so teens who have been accused of illegal downloading, will appear in a Pepsi-Cola ad that kicks off a two-month offer of up to 100 million free - and legal - downloads from Apple's iTunes. The ad, which will air during the February 1 broadcast of the Super Bowl and be seen by an estimated 88 million viewers, is a jab at the download political hot button. Pepsi hopes this move will help teens identify with Pepsi as a company who "gets it" and to bring teens, who've shown more affinity for bottled water, energy drinks and the Internet, back to Pepsi products.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jan-23-04  
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