PGA Launches 20 Million Ad Campaign

Ad Age reports on the $20 million ad campaign the PGA will launch in advance of its upcoming season. The campaign, from Omnicom Group's GSD&M includes four spots recently launched during NFL playoffs this past weekend:

In "Math," Mr. Els is a teacher conducting a math lesson at the blackboard of a local Boys & Girls Club. He asks his a group of children, "What does 4+4+3+4+5+2+4+3 equal?" Most of the kids are confused and counting on their fingers, but one bright young student raises her hand and proudly proclaims "3-under par!"

In "Hammer," Mr. Kelly is helping to build a house with Habitat for Humanity. As he prepares to hammer a nail, a worker raises his hands and says, "Quiet, please," as Kelly takes a full swing at the nail. Mr. Kelly gets a round of applause, and then hands off his hammer to his caddy.

In "Jesper's Clothes," Mr. Parnevik -- famous for his outrageous outfits -- goes to the Salvation Army to make a donation. He holds up a pair of pink pants and bright green-and-white shoes and says to the cashier, "These I wore when I won in Dallas. And when you go to Augusta, these shoes will rock." On his way out, he passes fellow tour pro Mr. Waldorf, who is seen secretly modeling Mr. Parnevik's fashions at the close of the spot.

Finally, in "Sandbox," which highlights the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America, Mr. Campbell is playing in a sandbox with a group of small children. He obliges when one of them asks to be pushed on the swings, but hesitates and turns back to the sandbox to rake the sand after they leave.

by Steve Hall    Jan-14-04   Click to Comment   

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