Radio Promotion Uses Northeast Cold in AFC Football Promotion

WBCN radio in Boston is taking advantage of the sub-zero temperatures in the Northeast to launch a promotion for listeners to win tickets to the AFC Championship game which will determine whether the New England Patriots or the Indianapolis Colts make it to the Super Bowl. The station is offering one pair of tickets each to the man and the woman who can stand out in the cold the longest in their bathing suits. For the men, it's shorts. For the women, it's a bikini. The promo is running Friday from 3P to 7P. The dedication of the New England Patriots fan will likely lead to several people ending up in the hospital from frostbite for refusing to give up their chance to win these coveted tickets. If I remember, I'll update you all on the outcome when the event finishes.

by Steve Hall    Jan-14-04   Click to Comment   

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