Rolling Stone Publisher Trashes Maxim, Goes to Work For Maxim, Resigns

Maxim publisher Robert Gregory, who, while publishing Rolling Stone, took advantage of a Fortune Magazine article which highlighted Dennis Publishing's (publisher of Maxim) slumping fortunes and turned it into a memo which he distributed to the Rolling Stone sales force. The memo said, "Stuff dropped 24 percent on the newsstand this year, Blender dropped a staggering 26 percent and Maxim dropped 7 percent on top of their alarming 10 percent drop in PIB ad pages."

The memo was found by Media Ink. Gregory had nothing to say regarding the memo, hanging up when a New York Post reporter called and asked about the memo and how he could go to work for a magazine that, just weeks ago, he was trashing. Gregory hung up on the Post and later issued a press statement, "I am so deeply ashamed and humiliated that I guess I will have to resign from Dennis Publishing in disgrace." Oops.

by Steve Hall    Jan-23-04   Click to Comment   

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