Sun Models to Short: Hands Off Our Boobs!

U.K. Cabinet Minister and party-pooper Clare Short has re-upped her bid to ban "The Sun's" Page 3 calling it porn and degrading to women. The long running section features less than fully clothed babes who, like other models, just want to let others appreciate their hotness.

"I don't know how she can say it is degrading to women. We're making our own money, doing a job we enjoy. We are independent, intelligent girls sharing our beauty to give people enjoyment. I can't believe she hasn't more to worry about as an MP."

Classic story of less-than-hot chic trying to rain on hot chics parade.

by Steve Hall    Jan-15-04   Click to Comment   

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I think page 3 is disgusting also. My boyfriend and I should be able to read the paper without having to look at other womens boobs.With this every other page has a semi nude female on. I have high morals and find that sort of thing offensive. If people want to see girls, sell a seperate page 3 mag which does NOT come with the paper. Its ruining some people's self confidence and there is just no need.

Posted by: Anon on June 6, 2005 7:19 PM