Web Hosting Company Uses Breast Assets in Ad Campaign

Like the cheap looking ads you see in the back of obscure business to business magazines, San Diego web hosting company, cari.net, has, knowing its target audience, capitalized on the male obsession with the female breast in its own equally cheap looking ad in ComputerUser Atlanta Magazine. The ad carries the headline, "Our Software is so Powerful...even Stay-at-Home Moms can run a profitable Web Hosting Business," and is accompanied by a picture of a mom breastfeeding her baby while working on her laptop.

While one might categorize this sort of ad as trashy, I can guarantee you there or Moms out there who have done this and more while breastfeeding to get through their busy day. It does speak to a certain life-reality that is mundane, sexy, awkward voyeuristic, beautiful, embarrassing to see and normal all at the same time. Thanks to Adrants reader Anthony for submitting this.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 7-04   Click to Comment   

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