Ziff Launches 'Sync' Magazine, Apparently Has Not Heard of Gizmodo

Guaranteed Short Life Span

Recovering tech publisher Ziff Davis Media will launch a new magazine called Synch in June. The gadget-focused title hopes to serve young men who are entrenched in the digital lifestyle. Everything from cell phones to HDTV to the networked home will be covered. Ziff will have a tough time competing with other male gadget/shopping focused magazines such as Primedia's "Connected Living," an upcoming gadget magazine from IDG, "Best," Conde Naste's "Cargo," Fairchild Publication's "Vitals," and other titles such as "Wired," "Esquire" and "Stuff," all of which also cover gadgetry.

What all these publishers have failed to notice in their attempt to cover the fast moving world of gadgets with a monthly frequency, is a not so little website called Gizmodo which pumps out 5-10 gadget reviews every day. That's every day, not every month. Gizmodo is a weblog written by Peter Rojas and published by Nick Denton. Denton and Rojas manage to provide readers with more gadget reviews with their "thin media" approach to publishing than an entire bloated team of old school publishers could ever hope to do. I give Sync eighteen months.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jan- 5-04  
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