Super Bowl Halftime Show Has Become National Joke

OK, since everyone else has, I guess I'll weigh in on the Super Boob incident.

Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Boobage is such a clear example of pop stars and their creative handlers hitting the bottom of the barrel. Seems all original ideas are taken and all the limp-brained music world can do is top one ridiculous stunt with a ridiculously more ridiculous one.

It was planned for sure. No doubt. All the corporate denials are a joke. The whole thing is the culmination of the death of honest talent. What happened to the music? What happened to talent? What happened to actually singing a f'ing song rather that lazy lip synching? Everything is so over-produced that no one even knows what a real performance sounds like anymore.

It's equally amusing to see everyone get suddenly all puritanical about this like no one has ever seen a boob before. OK, it was on national TV and kids could have seen it but I'm quite sure there are not many kids out there that don't know what a boob is. There's nothing wrong with nudity per se but the way Janet used it was a cheap attempt at out-"Britney-kissing" all the other pop stars rather than displaying some actual talent.

The half time show has become a national joke. And so have pop stars' lame attempts at stardom.

Anyone hear of a team called the Patriots that won the Super Bowl yesterday?

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-04    

Ad Age Features Super Bowl Spots

Here's a few of the Super Bowl commercials courtesy of Ad Age. There were only a few good ones this year. I did not particularly like the AOL Top Speed Commercials but did like the Cadillac spot with the funky water effects. According to the surveys though, I'm about the only person that did like that one. The farting horse for Bud Light, of course, was great as was the Budweiser Donkey spot. What was your favorite?

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-04    

USA Today Ad Meter Gives Budlight's Crotch Biting Dog the Top Spot

Thankfully there will be so many rankings of the best Super Bowl commercials today, practically no advertiser will have a blue Monday. The USA Today Ad Meter poll ranked the yuppie crotch biting dog as the most liked commercial.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-04    

Budweiser's 'Donkey Dream' Wins AdBowl IV

Budweiser's commercial about the donkey who wants to be a clydsdale took the top spot in the AdBowl IV, one of the many Super Bowl ad rating survey's. My money was on the farting horse which actually placed third.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-04    

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