Janet Jacksons Boob to Spawn More Desperate Stunts

Those that work in the public relations field have taken notice of Janet's Super Bowl stunt calling it extremely successful and are now plotting how it can be topped. Topped? Stopped would be the recommended line of thinking from a smart PR person. Sure, it grabbed worldwide headlines but it's not going to guarantee her long term success. While everyone is either talking about it or disgusted by it, everyone is acknowleging that it was a tasteless stunt by an aging pop star who is still doing 80's dance moves. Let's move on and use PR not as a stunt but as a method to promote something that is actually worthy of promoting.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-04    

Starcom Mediavest Named Ad Age's Global Media Agency of the Year

After battling furiously to win the $350 million Coca-Cola media review last year as well as its unique approach to research and media planning, Ad Age has named Starcom Mediavest its Global Media Agency of the Year.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-04    

Stolichnaya Brings Back 'StoliBride'

In another viral advertising campaign, Stolichnaya vodka brings back StoliBride, a play on the once (and perhaps still) Russian bride trade. Visitors can enter their bride requirements such as hair color, eye color, breast size (hey, it's a game) and StoliBride will find a match for you. While there appears to be a very large database of very attractive women, you may not like the results of your search. Try it.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-04    

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