Super Bowl XXVII Ad Review

Calling this year's crop of Super Bowl ads "flat, conservative, and becoming more and more boring each year," Adland gives us a spot by spot rundown.

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-04    

Over Used Cleavage Marketing Tactic Never Gets Tired

Michelle Trachtenberg's breasts are being put to good use here in this movie poster for the new Dreamworks movie Eurotrip. The movie, from the producers of Road Trip and Old School, follows a guy and his lust from America to Berlin in pursuit of some hot chick. Michelle and her boobs go along for the ride. It's amazing what a good bra and Photoshop can do because Michelle doesn't look so big all the time. You decide. Check out her hotness here or a bigger version of the movie poster here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-04    

Bids Reach $80,700 For the Jenny Number: 867-5309

If you were around 20 years ago, you remember the Tommy Tutone (Thnaks Dave) Jenny song in which the telephone number 867-5309 was repeated over and over in the chorus causing anyone who actually had that phone number major headaches. Now, those headaches could turn into a windfall for anyone who wins the ongoing eBay bid for the 212 version of that telephone number. That's right, the owner of 212-867-5309 has put the number up for bid and bids are currently at $80,700. It's a memorable number and all a company that wins the bid for that number has to do is license use of Huey's song and they could end up with one of the most memorable jingles of all time.

Telephone number portability has made these types of tranfers possible and the rise in voice over IP services such as Vonage would allow a person or business to be anywhere in the world and be reached by this 212 number. The Jenny number's been used in other instances in other area codes, including in a recent Cingular ad campaign, but the 212 area code has a strong worldwide presence making the potential of this number and corresponding marketing a very powerful combination. Via Viral Marketing Blog. More 867-5309 history and trivia here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-04    

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