TiVo Hires Grant, Scott, and Hurley to Expedite the End of Advertising

In what on-lookers are calling advertising's most sadistic twist to date, TiVo has hired the independent San Francisco ad agency Grant, Scott, and Hurley to create the advertising that will, if successful, ultimately end advertising as we know it.

"It's simple. People hate advertising. So, strategically, it's about ads that portray that people hate ads," speculated one source close to the situation.

As agency producers, directors, and copywriters run for their jobs in the midst of "the death of broadcast," GS&H is embracing the broadcast drought, presumably planning to live off the fat of the TiVo business at least as long as they have the account and there are still television networks in business to accept TiVo's ads. GSH faces one important challenge though. Will it produce ads about bad ads illustrating the benefits of TiVo, or, in a post-modern twist, simply produce bad ads and hope viewers grasp the high irony?

Initial thinking indicates creatives will look to the cutting room floor for their inspiration. There's certainly a lot of bad work that has never been produced and now might be the perfect time to recycle it."

Posted by Adrants Contributor Alison Kosakowski of Powell.

by Steve Hall    Feb-19-04    

Pro Choice Ad Spoofs Sex and the City

NARAL Pro Choice America has created an ad that spoofs HBO's Sex and the City to promote support for its position on abortion and to call attention to President Bush's anti-choice initiatives. Following the spot, viewers are asked to sign a petition in support of pro-choice.

by Steve Hall    Feb-19-04    

The Spinning Power of Viagra

I think this Viagra spoof has been around before but it's funny so here it is again. Some freakishly old dude is trying to seduce his hot young wife/girlfriend with a stiffy dance that ultimately gets her attention. The spoof was produced by Jeff Centauri of A55 Films. Thanks to Adrants reader Zwelgje for sending this one in.

by Steve Hall    Feb-19-04    

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