Farting Camels Bring Charity Site to Viral Fame

Goodlot, a gaming and charity website based in the U.K., just launched a camel racing game where visitors can place bets which are then donated to charities. The site quickly found its way onto the Lycos Viral Chart, a website ranking popular viral games, ads and websites. Goodlot site operator Andres Varela was quite pleased with the sudden popularity but also somewhat concerned that his web logs told him many people where loading the site only to listen to the camels fart for a half an hour or so before actually playing the game.

Seems farting is a very succesful marketing tactic. Everyone remembers the farting horse in the Super Bowl ad. Though, Goodlot didn't have to pay $2.3 million for its sudden fame.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Feb-20-04  
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