Harvard Hotties to Go Nude in New 'H-Bomb' Magazine

It's official. Nudity and porn are no longer something to be scared of or shoved under your pillow when Mom/Wife/Girlfriend walks in the bedroom. If Harvard University, the bastion of conservative higher education, can publish a nudie magazine, well then, it must be acceptable for the rest of the country.

It's true. Harvard University Committee on College Life has blessed the publication of a campus magazine called "H-Bomb" which will feature undergraduate women in nude layouts. Oh sure, there will be articles and stuff but we all know why the magazine will be bought.

Bringing attention to First Amendment rights, publishers Katherina Baldegg, and Camilla Hardy said, "It will provide comfortable, relaxed discussion that doesn't hold back and puts a lighter spin on something that shouldn't be a restricted or delicate topic at Harvard."

So what happens, as a Harvard student, when you go to class and there you are sitting next to the model you just "enjoyed" last night in the magazine? What do you say? How do you act? Will it be awkward? I need to know. Harvard student, please let me know.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Feb-12-04  
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