In Political Ad Campaigns Kerry Becomes MJ, Bush Becomes Janet, Politics Becomes Stupid

A long time ago there was this thing called politics where you always expect to see boring long winded farty old windbag politicians blather on about their pithy issues of the day. Today, it seems, politicians, or their handlers, have let their hair down. Now they are comfortable walking around trying to be hip and in touch with the younger generation all while trying to kick the crap out of each other with ever more insanely stupid ad campaigns.

The Bush camp wants to be hip and cool so they launch an ad campaign with the tagline, "John Kerry: when you look a little closer, there's something creepy about him," and a visual of Kerry morphing into Michael Jackson. The Kerry camps shoots back with their own version of hip and cool. In their spot, Bush is shown in his flight suit slowly morphing into Janet's final stance at the Super Bowl clutching her boob. A narrator asks, "George W. Bush: mission accomplished?"

Note to Presidential candidates and their handlers: Stop trying to be funny. You're not. Stop trying to be hip and cool. You're not. Stop trying to connect with the younger generation. It'll never happen. Please go back to spewing boring platitudes. That's what you do best and that's what we expect of you.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Feb-18-04  
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