Lamb Hoof Used in Ad Agency Promotional Mailing Receives Mixed Results

�sk W�ppling of Adland recounts the story of a Swedish ad agency, Cole, Russel & Pryce, who dreamt up the idea to send a real lambs foot to its clients and prospects promoting the agency and its new website. The campaign consisted of two emails and a physical mailing. The first email, showing a picture of a cute lamb, asked recipients to visit the agency's website "for the sake of the lamb." The second email showed the lamb with one of its front hoofs cut off. Immediately following the second email, clients and prospect received a same day physical mailing containing a real lamb's foot.

While the campaign certainly drew attention to the agency, it didn't go over so well with big client, Vodaphone, who said the "campaign showed incredibly bad judgment" causing the agency to fire founder and Creative Director Olle Sj�d�n. Oops.

Visit Adland to see a picture of the poor, butchered lamb.

by Steve Hall    Feb-12-04   Click to Comment   

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