LeBron James Adds Another Five Million to His Sponsorship Deals

LeBron James, just 19 years old, has scored another sponsorship deal with Bubblicious bubble gum worth $5 million bringing his sponsorship pot to $135 million. This deal follows his $90 million deal with Nike, a $16 million deal with Coke, an $8 million deal with Juice Batteries and others.

This isn't obscene. Not at all. It's only insane when you realize that this sum, rather than being used for over-priced marketing, could be used to fund several third world companies for years. Here's an idea. Why doesn't Nike sponsor, say, Ethiopia. Or any other suffering country in the world. Why couldn't an ad campaign based on that sort of good will be as successful as you standard, run-of-the-mill sports figure campaign?

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-04   Click to Comment   

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