Online Gamers Are Bored, Watch Less TV, Do Less Homework

Apparently life is stressful and boring among online gamers according to a new study by Digital Marketing Services. While 79 percent of adults and 82 percent of teens play online games for fun, 58 percent of adults and 53 percent of teens play because they are bored. While boredom may be a primary reason for immersing oneself in a game, 54 percent of adults do it to relieve stress whereas only 20 percent of teens look for stress relief in games.

This might be a good data point for adults to share with their kids when kids claim their lives are too stressful and they can't possibly find time to do chores while having plenty of time to IM for hours.

Another data point parents might be interested in is the fact that teenaged online gamers are spending 15 percent less time on their homework because of their gaming. Time to turn that PlayStation and Xbox off.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Feb-18-04  
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