Super Bowl Halftime Show Has Become National Joke

OK, since everyone else has, I guess I'll weigh in on the Super Boob incident.

Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Boobage is such a clear example of pop stars and their creative handlers hitting the bottom of the barrel. Seems all original ideas are taken and all the limp-brained music world can do is top one ridiculous stunt with a ridiculously more ridiculous one.

It was planned for sure. No doubt. All the corporate denials are a joke. The whole thing is the culmination of the death of honest talent. What happened to the music? What happened to talent? What happened to actually singing a f'ing song rather that lazy lip synching? Everything is so over-produced that no one even knows what a real performance sounds like anymore.

It's equally amusing to see everyone get suddenly all puritanical about this like no one has ever seen a boob before. OK, it was on national TV and kids could have seen it but I'm quite sure there are not many kids out there that don't know what a boob is. There's nothing wrong with nudity per se but the way Janet used it was a cheap attempt at out-"Britney-kissing" all the other pop stars rather than displaying some actual talent.

The half time show has become a national joke. And so have pop stars' lame attempts at stardom.

Anyone hear of a team called the Patriots that won the Super Bowl yesterday?

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-04   Click to Comment   

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