The Post Super Bowl Boob Over-Reaction Continues

With everyone freaking out over Janet's boob baring stunt, who would have thought a standard horror movie trailer would come under fire from congress and be deemed "too intense for the time period in which it was shown"? The Universal Picture's trailer for the movie "Van Helsing" aired during the Super Bowl is the ad in question. Not that violence should be glorified but the ad is no more or less violent than any other horror movie trailer we've seen over the past ten or so years.

Just as we had the post-911 effect, we now have the post-Super Boob effect; the over analyzation of content to the point of ridiculousness. Perhaps, in some sense, this will be a good thing. Who really wants to see Tampon and Viagra ads anyway?

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-04   Click to Comment   

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