Hugh MacLeod Says Hire Steve Hall

The great cartoonist and copywriter Hugh MacLeod, whose ads you can see to the right of this site, sent me one of the nicest gifts a person looking for his next gig could possibly ask for: my own personal "hire me" ad. You will note the headline is very direct since there's no need to beat around the bush in situations like this. And, of course, it's done with the wit and humor only Hugh can create.

I'm eternally grateful to Hugh for creating this without my even asking. And while this might sound like "link begging," if you like this approach to job searching, by all means, feel free to blog on about it. Links back this site or are always appreciated.

by Steve Hall    Mar-10-04    

Conde Nast to Launch Shelter Shopping Magazine

Shopping is all the rage in the magazine world these days. With "Lucky" for women and "Cargo" and "Vitals" for men, now it seems the home needs its own shopping title. That's the plan over at Conde Nast which has announced its intent to launch a shelter shopping magazine in 2005 that will target those in their 30's.

Not to be left out, American Media has plans for a shelter book and Hearst will launch a female focused shopping magazine called ""Shop Etc." in August. With all this launch activity, one might actually believe all the talk about the economy returning to health. More likely, it's just another lame lemming-like maneuver by publishers who just can't stand to let other publishers have all the fun.

by Steve Hall    Mar-10-04    

The Texas Graphic Drunk Driving Ad

The Texas Department of Transportation runs an ad campaign that features a girl who was hit by a drunk driver and burned over 60 percent of her body. The ad graphically shoes the results of her accident as, perhaps, a scare tactic to teens who might think twice before getting behind the wheel drunk.

The trouble though is getting past the nearly insurmountable teenage attitude of indestructabilty - that sense that a teen is all-powerful, all-knowing and in control of every portion of his life. That, of course, is a very false self assessment but try telling that to a teenager.

by Steve Hall    Mar-10-04    

Television's New World Order

Sponsored by the Association of National Advertisers, several of the nation's biggest advertisers will gather today to discuss the future of television advertising and measurement. Issues discussed will be audience measurement, the upfront, video on demand, addressable advertising, a shift from program measurement to advertising measurement, digital video recorders and interactive TV.

The as yet un-named group hopes to develop a platform and set of guidelines for the new television world order before the old one crumbles.

UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis exapands upon this and offers up the scenario of people networks as opposed to content networks. Whether achieved through addressable advertising or through an online system such as Tacoda, it's about aiming advertising to an interest group rather than to a content category.

by Steve Hall    Mar-10-04    

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