Molson Chases Beaver

Here's an ad for Molson that the Canadians are gleefully running because they know the FCC would never allow such an atrocity to appear on our sacred airwaves.

Thanks to Apechild for this.

by Steve Hall    Mar-12-04    

'The Passion of Christ' Filled With Product Placements

Because the movie is so gory, you probably missed all the product placements that were apparently rampant within the film. Thankfully, our friends over at Something Awful have gone through the film frame by frame and pulled out the many sponsors.

by Steve Hall    Mar-12-04    

For The Love of Howard Stern

Jeff Jarvis explains why he likes Howard Stern. If you like Stern or hate Stern, you should read this. You should also read Jeff's blog every day if you have any interest on the effects the Super Boob event is having on our culture.

by Steve Hall    Mar-12-04    

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