England's Channel Four Ad Pokes Fun at America's Puritanical FCC

In this commercial for Channel 4 in England, television stars are asked what there favorite swear words are...and to say them. So in a sort of FCC FU homage, this ad has more cuss words in it than Tony Soprano gets out during an entire season of "The Sopranos."

If you want your TV uncut, Channel 4 is the place to go. If you live in America, you're out of luck.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-04    

Comedy Central Uses Apple iPod Commercial Theme For Promo

Comedy Central is running an iPod style commercial for its upcoming Redneck Weekend. Featuring good 'ol banjo music and country boys woopin it up, the spot is complete with our favorite cultural redneck moment: the Howard Dean scream.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-04    

Saturn Gets Pummeled, Makes Great Commercial

In this commercial for Saturn, all kinds of items are hurled at its plastic body in a rhythmic form that creates a nice little tune and demonstrates Saturn's relative indestructability. One of the more amusing spots out there. View spot here.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-04    

Media Agency MPG Has Received Acquisition Offer

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Havas media agency MPG has received an offer to acquire 49 percent of the company which has been valued at $150 million. Sources and suitors are, as yet, un-named. Read the story here if you have a WSJ subscription or read it at MediaPost if you do not.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-04    

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'Martha Stewart Living' May Change Name to 'Everyday Living'

Hardly one to live an "everyday life," Martha Stewart or, rather, her company, has applied for a trademark on the name "Everyday Living" most likely to separate itself from the famous homemaker when she heads to the slammer.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-04