Spike Jonze Revealed as Director of Volvo's 'The Mystery of Dalaro' Spoof Campaign

American filmmaker Spike Jonze has been revealed as the director behind a spoof within a spoof campaign for Volvo's new S40. The campaign was created as a documentary style TV spot which was supposed to be a truthful account of the Swedish village Delaro where 32 people bought the new Volvo S40 on the same day.

The documentary was supposedly directed by Venezuelan filmmaker Carlos Soto who then created his own documentary-of-a-documentary calling into question the validity of these strange events which he posted on a website.

We new it was a spoof of a spoof but we never knew who was behind it. Now we do.

by Steve Hall    Mar-22-04    

Old Navy Does Another Weird One

Ad Age doesn't like it but Old Navy has put out another one of its cheesy commercials that always seem to fond cool factor. They work in the way those cheesy Mentos commercials worked. They're just different enough to actually be remembered.

Also this week in Ad Age's TV Spots of the Week are Robert Duvall for CirecTV, John Mellencamp's sife for Almay, Nimrods, for ESPN, a crying painting for Pantanol and Murphy's law for Jeep.

by Steve Hall    Mar-22-04    

Sometimes Root Beer is Better Than Real Beer

In commercial for IBC Root Beer, a poor drunken soul pulls himself up off the sidewalk after what was apparently a long night of drinking only to find he is not alone. IBC Root Beer presents us with a situation we have all faced the morning after, wishing we hadn't had so much to drink the night before.

by Steve Hall    Mar-22-04    

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