People's Voice Group Calls For Israeli-Palestinian Peace in This Video

It Doesn't Have to be Like This

The People's Voice, a non-political Israeli-Palestinian initiative, which promotes peace in the Middle East has launched, as part of an ad campaign, a viral video that demonstrates peace is possible and calls for both Palestinians and Israelis to join the cause for peace.

Last year, the group put out a video called Make Love Not War (video to follow) which, again, called for peace in the Middle East and illustrated the power of love over war in a sexually humorous manner.

The new video commercial, which takes a more serious tone, takes place in what seems like a war zone. An Israeli soldier aims to shoot a young Palestinian boy throwing stones, but it turns out to be a friendly game of skeet shooting. It does give the shivers until it resolves itself peacefully. The voiceover says, "Looks fantastic, almost a dream. Yet if we can only believe this dream shall come true."

The video asks both Israelis and Palestinians to believe in the dream, that Peace is possible, and to sign up at their website for the People's Voice Peace Initiative. So far, 172,000 Israelis and 135,000 Palestinians have joined.

by Steve Hall    Mar-30-04    

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