Content Just Gets in the Way of Advertising

Poking fun at TiVo and shopping mags and advocating content that is just ads within ads within ads as well as calling the political process and most other "content" a waste of time and a hinderence to getting rich, is this snarky take on where advertising is headed:

"It�s a shopping lad mag. Seventeen for grown men, if you can still call them that. It�s ads surrounded by ads, with ads placed in the ads. It�s fucking beautiful. I�ll give you an example of content. They have this feature in there that�s called, �Honey, does this make me look gay?� Now, a reasonable person would deduce that, if you made it to page 72 of Cargo, that question is already moot. But, fortunately, people aren�t reasonable. So you get this great thing where it�s a whole book full of ads that the guy flips through, only to come to the �content,� which is basically, �Buy this or you�re a fucking queer.� It doesn�t get much better than that. That�s where tv is going. Hell, that�s where politics are going. Buy or you�re queer. Buy or you�re queer.

Thanks to Adrants reader Brian Diedrick for pointing this out.

by Steve Hall    Mar-11-04   Click to Comment   

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