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Question. Would readers of Adrants participate in an email discussion group? It's purpose would be to discuss all forms of advertising and media.

The Adrants Discussion List would look to the future but also concern itself with current practice. The advertising industry is undergoing a huge shift right now, with entirely new forms of media and consumer media habits. Gone are the days of placing ads on TV and watching the sales roll in. Today, television viewership is trending down. TiVo is changing how television is watched. The Internet has had a huge effect on media consumption. Today's consumers are much savvier than in years past and can smell a marketing ploy a mile away. Product integration (product placement), video game advertising, SMS marketing, IM advertising and musical tour sponsorships are several of the emerging marketing communications channels through which advertising will occur. Marketing is shifting towards a two-way conversation between marketer and consumer rather than the one-way street we have today. That said, change takes time and the traditional models of advertising still live on and remain effective in their respective realms. Embracing the change while respecting existing models is key to successful marketing.

Each time a list member sends and email, everyone on the list receives it and can reply to everyone else on the list. There's no plans to launch such a list but I'd be interested in whether or not you'd join such a list. Please answer yes or no using the simple form below. Thanks.

by Steve Hall    Mar-14-04   Click to Comment   

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