Unilever's Pot Noodles Get Web Ring Treatment

Ad agency glueLondon has created a collection of web sites that resemble the many cheesy web ring type sites on the web that take you on a circular journey from one bad site to another. The set of sites incorporates deliberately tacky design, dead links, DIY photo galleries and silly animations. Visitors and commune with other Pot Noodle fanatics, slurp noodles off a geisha (that was fun) , take lessons in Pot Noodle smuggling from Seedy Sanchez, or,if it all becomes a noodle overdose, you can learn how to free yourself from your all-consuming Pot Noodle obsession with a visit to Eldoon Hall, a noodle de-tox center where counselors humorously attempt to talk you down while getting sucked in themselves.

by Steve Hall    Mar-11-04   Click to Comment   

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