Cricket Wireless Gets Viral With Bimpco

Cricket Wireless, another of the many smaller cell phone startups, is promoting its services with a Ronco-style web site offering some ingenious ways to keep your cell phone bill down. From a device that locks away your phone during peak hours to a door mounted bill rejection unit to a strap on home phone carrier with massive land line holder, the website, called Bimpco, touches on the pain points of owning a cell phone.

Upon initial visit, one is not quite sure what Bimpco is all about but after some exploration of the product areas and a click on the Buy Now button, all is revealed. Presented with a pop up window asking if you are crazy enough to actually consider buying one of these products, you are then taken to Cricket Wireless actual website where there calling plans are detailed. It's one of the better forms of viral advertising out there right now. The work was done by Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners in Sausalito, California

by Steve Hall    Apr- 6-04    

Anti-Ivory Ad Copies Anti-Fur Ad

Mirroring efforts used by the anti-fur people years ago, is this still powerful but perhaps more grotesque anti-ivory trade ad. Wearing a pearl necklace is, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, is akin to ripping an elephants face off.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 6-04    

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