Hot Babe Purrs Benefits of Levitra

Speaking directly into the camera in a new Levitra ad debuting Thursday, a sultry brunette seductively talks about Levitra's ability to improve "erection quality" and make your man want to do it more often. It's a far cry from those boring-old-couple-in-separate-tub ads from Cialas.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-04    

Holographic Advertising Becomes Reality

No longer a trick seen in a Star Trek movie, holographic imaging is a reality and it's emerging as an exciting new form of advertising. Vizoo, a Danish advertising and film company, has developed a video technology that projects an image onto a real life setting so that the projected image merges with the surroundings creating life-like imagery. A Scandinavian film distributor used the technology to project life-like imagery of Lord of the Rings imagery to promote the release of the third film. See the technology in action here.

While the technology has been limited to use in Scandinavia, the applications are limitless as advertisers struggle to find new methods of reaching consumers who are simply tuning out all advertising. In essence, this technology cold be used to create a life-like person who would accost, I mean approach consumers on the side walk or present demos at various locations. Used properly, this technology could open up a very promising new channel of communication.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-04    

Areva 'Funkytown' Ad Explains Energy Distribution

Areva, an energy distribution company, is running a cool little animated ad that explains where energy comes form, how it gets to you and how Areva fits into the puzzle.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-04    

'The Apprentice' Finalist Kwame Jackson Throws His Own Finale Party

Spelling and grammar challenged Kwame Jackson has issued an Evite for his own finale party this Thursday night in New York City. Check out the Evite via Samizdat and Gawker for full humor effect.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-04    

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Gothamist Interviews Rheingold Beer Spokesperson

Always "in the know" Gothamist takes a look at and lobs a few questions to Rheingold Beer spokesperson/model Dani Marco. Marco appears in the brewer's ads and makes appearances for the brand. She's also an aspiring actress who's just appeared in the recently released "reality" movie "Games People Play: New York." Apparently, it's good. Rex Reed loves it.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-04    

WhenU Feels Utah's Wrath

WhenU has sued the state of Utah over is Spyware Control Act which makes it illegal for software to be installed on a computer that monitors web activity and sends information about that activity elsewhere. The law, which takes effect next month and carries $10,000 fines, also makes pop ups illegal. In Utah's eyes, WhenU violates both sections of the law. WhenU disagrees arguing the law violates its constitutional right to advertise. In Adrant's eye, anytime one ad is laid on top of another without consumer control, there's something wrong.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-04    

This Just In: Consumers Hate Advertising

One has to love surveys that confirm the obvious. Then, we can all go to our bosses say, "See, I told you so." The latest finding of the obvious is a study by Yankelovich Partners which finds to no surprise that consumers don't like advertising. In fact, 33 percent rather live in a place with a lower standard of living if it had no marketing and advertising. The hate goes on; 54 percent avoid buying products that advertise too much, 61 percent say the amount of advertising is out of control and 69 percent want products that will shield them from advertising such as TiVo or pop up blockers.

What's a marketer to do is the face of this hatred? Have a conference. Yes, have a conference and talk about it. If it's talked about enough, maybe the problem will go away. The American Association of Advertising Agencies is having its 2004 management conference in New York City this week to discuss the state of advertising and how best to cope with the dramatic changes facing the industry. Hopefully, there will be groundbreaking solutions and new ideas to report later this week.

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-04