Joanna Levesque the Next Big Thing

Jojo In New Video, 'Leave'

Justin over at ThatsJustNotRight has a nice write up about up and comer Joanna Levesque or Jojo as she's known. Jojo is from Adrants' home state and less than 30 miles from our posh suburban offices. Justin mentions his surprise over realizing that Jojo is just 13. After you view her video, you will marvel as well. She is talented even if it's in that "tough white girl" sort of way. Better catch her now while she's still innocent and hope she doesn't become clothing-challenged Jojo the Gogo dancer.

About her new video, "Leave," she says, "The video takes place in a school and basically the camera ... is the boyfriend, so I'm basically telling off the camera. It's very colorful, and there's a lot of Boston references like Fenway High 'cause, you know, I'm from Boston, so I had to represent. ... It's kind of declaring your independence, girl power."

Jojo grew up in Foxboro Massachusetts, home of Gillette Stadium and the New England Patriots. But life for Jojo was far from glamorous, "We were the lower-income people [in our neighborhood]," she said. "Everyone lived in nice houses, and we lived in a one-bedroom apartment, and we had the tiniest bathroom ever imaginable to man." That could all change with the June release of her new self-titled album. You can help by voting for her on TRL.

Now, if I could just convince her to write a theme song for Adrants. It's only 30 miles. Anyway, watch her video here.

by Steve Hall    Apr-23-04    

Build Your Own McDonald's Brand

Whether an authentic site for McDonald's franchisees to buy banners or just a fun toy for us to play with is no matter, this little banner generation tool lets you make a banner that says anything you want, add various McDonald's logos and select products to promote. It was too tempting to leave alone. Thanks to MonkeySpan for pointing this one out.

by Steve Hall    Apr-23-04    

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