Ad Campaign for bdbx 'Crucifies' Page 3 Model Jesus-Style

Nude Crucifixion

Religious "blasphemy" has broken out in Liverpool following the launch of an ad campaign by designer bdbx. The campaign features Page 3 model Debbie Turpin who is pictured hanging on a cross Jesus-style in front of Liverpool's RC Metropolitan Cathedral in the background. To say the least, people are pissed. Calling it "distasteful" and in "bad taste," Roman Catholic Monsignor Peter Cookson said, "People think they can do anything they like with religious imagery these days and I'm upset that anybody should be using a distasteful picture like this, with our cathedral in the background, to sell their products."

Twenty tear old bdbx founder Alec Stacey shrugs the whole thing of saying, "The photograph reflects the rebellious nature of youth culture and I think the young people who see it will understand where we are coming from. Liverpool's the city of culture and bdbx is about youth culture and I thought it was appropriate."

Stacey might grow up to learn that you can mess with most anything except people's religious beliefs. He's sure to receive the full weight of the religious right on this one. But, he will have achieved world-wide fame by then and it won't matter. Of course, the whole thing could be a Photoshop spoof and we'll all end up looking like idiots.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Apr- 5-04  
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