Agency Creatives Speak Out On IAmJack

There's a new rant in town. This time, it's from the creative side of the business. It's always been known that agency creatives are sometimes pegged as egotistical and snobby. Usually, this is not true. They are perceived that way because many people do not understand the creative process that goes into the development of an effective ad campaign.

Rather than attempt to explain the process, I'll let the creatives speak for themselves. This website, IAmJack, has been registered since January 16, 2003 but this is the first I've heard of it. While it has every bit of attitude you might expect from the typical creative, it also gets it's point across quite strongly,
"Humans are exposed to thousands of impressions every day. So your little ad with the 20% bigger logo and the headline that could have--but didn't--risk offending three people out of a thousand sits there like the useless waste of ink or airspace it truly is. Right next to hundreds of other wasted ad dollars."

The site lets creatives write a message to anyone who ever killed one of their creative ideas. IAmJack will pass the message along anonymously and direct the recipient to IAmJack. There's a video clip that gets the point across quite well. The simple tagline says it all, "You Make The Widgets. We'll Make The Ads."

Take that you suits.

thanks to Alec Long for sending this along.

by Steve Hall    Apr-20-04   Click to Comment   

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