ANA Launches Two Weblogs

As if with a giddy school girl's "like ohmigod, isn't this cool" excitement, the recently very much in-the-news advertising group, The Association of National Advertisers, will publish two weblogs. The first, called "ANA Marketing Musing," by President-CEO Bob Liodice will contain as many as two to three posts per week on major industry issues. The second, with the oh-so-cool blog-like name "ANA Regulatory Ramblings" by Executive Vice President-Government Relations Dan Jaffe will be an even timelier blog with as many as one post per week on legal and regulatory issues.

Blog snobbery aside, it is with high hopes that these weblogs become a forum for insightful industry commentary and not simply a platform for the Association's political mission. Strangely, while Liodice says he would welcome user posting and feedback, the ANA has not enabled the "comment" feature on either of the blogs. If participation is truly encouraged, one might assume there to a be a link to the blogs from the ANA home page which there is not.

UPDATE: The ANA informs me that the Comment function has been turned on. Let the conversation begin.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 1-04   Click to Comment   

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